Local 237 Newswire (Spring 2023 – page 12): Time to Cross the Finish Line!

The Chief (2/14/2023): Sources: Adam nixed Law Dept’s 2021 telework plan

The Chief (1/6/2023): City ends residency requirements for most lawyers amid staffing shortages

Local 237 Newsline (Winter 2022 – page 12): Accomplishments and the Year Ahead for CSBA

The Chief (11/25/2022): City will slash planned hiring by half

Reuters (11/3/2022): ‘Shorthanded’ NYC agencies to borrow lawyers from major law firms

The City (11/2/2022): Adams Moves Ahead On Plan to Fill Legal Vacancies With Pro Bono Lawyers

The Chief (9/12/2022): Adams: City departments must cut budgets

The City (9/12/2022): Mayor’s Solution to City Attorney Exodus: Bring on Unpaid Lawyers

Hell Gate (8/11/2022): A Cancer Diagnosis is Not Enough

Newsline (Spring 2022): For Ourselves, Our Colleagues and Our Planet…

Newsline (Winter 2021): Being Resolute About Resolutions

The Chief: City Makes Deal Setting Leave Policies for Unvaccinated Staff

The Chief: Lawyers Union Says DOB Overworks Attorneys With Unwinnable, Trivial Cases

The Chief: CSBA Leader Fishman Re-Elected Unopposed

Newsline (Spring 2021): Expanding the Fight to Keep Our Members Safe

Newsline (Winter 2020): Wishes for 2021

Newsline (Winter 2020): Fighting to Keep Members Safe

Law360: Pandemic Hinders Bar Exam Retakers Who Aid The Indigent

The Chief: CSBA Fears Lifting Cap On ‘Exempt’ Attorneys Will Open Floodgates

The Chief: Too Much Legal Leeway? 

The Chief:  CSBA Gives Fishman An Unopposed Third Term as President

The Chief:  BCB Grants CSBA’s Bid to Represent P.D. Assistant Advocates

Civil Service Bar’s President Re-Elected Without Opposition

BCB Finds ACS Can’t Impose 3-Year Rule For New Attorneys

New York Daily News: NYCHA spends $9 million a year on private law firms doing same work as in-house attorneys

CSBA Accepts ‘Pattern’ Contract Terms for 900 City Attorneys

Key Civilian Pacts in Place, Linn Set For Contentious Battle with PBA by Dan Rosenblum

CWA Local 1180 And CSBA Among Unions To Reach Contracts by Dan Rosenblum