Many of us have substantial student loan debt arising out of the very high cost of attending law school. Indeed, an alarming number of our colleagues owe in excess of $200,000. That’s like having a mortgage without the house, and it interferes with virtually every aspect of our lives!

We are attempting to obtain, augment and solidify relief in a number of ways:

  • co-sponsoring with Local 237 and the National Student Debt Forgiveness Center (“NSDFC”) a counseling program to help members successfully navigate the PSLF program
  • through collective bargaining negotiations;
  • CSBA is working with a broad coalition of organizations via the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Coalition, including the Student Borrower Protection Center  https://protectborrowers.orgEqual Justice Works – and numerous medical, educational and other professional organizations around the country – to try to improve the PSLF program, and to convince both houses of Congress and the Biden administration to forgive as much student loan debt as possible!


If you have not already done so, enroll in an advantageous Income-Driven Repayment plan, verify that your loans are of a nature that are eligible for the PSLF program, and apply for PSLF as soon as possible.