The following is the last full CSBA-City Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract). As such, it contains protections and provisions which are not spelled out in the current CSBA (2017-2021) Memorandum of Agreement, also shown below together with the current Salary Chart.

It has always been the case that the parties arrive at a Memorandum of Agreement, subject to member ratification. At a subsequent time, OLR provides a complete new contract, which is essentially the old contract updated to include the terms of the current Memorandum of Agreement. Prior to the pandemic, OLR stated that they would provide us with a current contract as soon as they finished that round of bargaining with other unions. Concerns about keeping the City running during the COVID-19 crisis, how to safely reopen some functions which cannot be performed remotely, and the budget crisis, have reportedly all pushed the drafting of an updated contract further back on their “to do” list.

2010-2017 Attorneys Agreement

2017-2021 Memorandum of Agreement

Attorney Salary Range as of 9/18/2019

RIP Schedules Effective 9/18/2019
Note: the first RIP chart applies to the vast majority of members, and the third page/second chart applies only to the few remaining individuals hired as NYPD Assistant Advocates rather than as Agency Attorneys.