2021-2026 Memorandum of Agreement

Attorney Salary Range as of 4/18/2023

RIP Schedules Effective 4/18/2023

2017-2021 CBSA Final Agreement

Note: the first RIP chart applies to the vast majority of members, and the third page/second chart applies only to the few remaining individuals hired as NYPD Assistant Advocates rather than as Agency Attorneys.

IMPORTANT: The CSBA Collective Bargaining Agreement covers most of our economic terms of employment, i.e.- Salaries, Recurring Increment Payments and Longevity Differentials, Annuity Fund and Welfare Fund contributions and Attorney Registration Fee Reimbursements which the City must make on our behalf. The Grievance Procedure defines the types of disputes which can be grieved pursuant to our contract, and the mechanisms and time limits related thereto. Please feel free to contact us with any related questions.

There is one other highly relevant Agreement which applies to all city employees irrespective of their title, on subjects which must be uniformly applied, such as Time & Leave issues. DC37, as the largest municipal union, is the Citywide certificate holder, and hence they are the only union which can negotiate on those issues. It is the 2001-2021 Citywide Agreement, which now (finally) replaces both the 1995-2001 Citywide Agreement and the 2002 Memorandum of Economic Agreement (which amended leave accrual for employees hired after June 30, 2004). It can be found in the Links tab of this website.