Welcome and congratulations on your new job as an Agency Attorney or Agency Attorney Interne with the City of New York.  We are pleased to provide you with this orientation letter, which highlights some of the benefits provided by the Civil Service Bar Association, as well as information as to who to contact and where to find specific information pertaining to these benefits.

Who We Are
The Civil Service Bar Association (“CSBA”) is your union and is also an independent affiliate of City Employees Union Local 237, International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  Together we fight to obtain the best possible collective bargaining agreement as well as to protect the rights of our members and to improve both individual and collective working conditions.

We recently succeeded in eliminating the residency requirement and are continuing the fight for telework and compressed time options. CSBA has our own democratically elected Board of Directors and Welfare Fund Trustees.

Our Membership
We represent approximately 900 attorneys in several different attorney titles.  CSBA members perform important legal functions in virtually every Mayoral agency as well as in the Housing Authority and the Transit Authority.

CSBA provides significant additional benefits, not covered by the City’s health insurance plans, through our Welfare Funds, including Prescription Drugs, Dental, Optical, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance and a newborn baby benefit.  Please visit our website for further information.

For enrollment and questions on Prescription Drug coverage, contact the Local 237 Welfare Fund at (212) 924-7220.  For enrollment and questions on other Welfare Fund Benefits, such as dental, optical, annuity, contact Alicare at (866) 647-4617, once you connect to that number, please press option 1.
You must enroll with both of the above Welfare Funds. This can be done by phone or via the forms on the CSBA website

To save a couple of days, please read the annexed ”Instructions for Completing Enrollment Form for Prescription Drug Coverage” then fill out and mail the annexed “Teamsters Local 237 CSBA Enrollment Form” to the Manhattan address specified by the top of the form for prescription coverage (although we still suggest that you call to confirm receipt). You should receive an Aetna prescription ID card shortly after you enroll.

CSBA Enrollment Form Instructions for Local 237 WF

CSBA Enrollment Form for Local 237 WF

For enrollment and questions on other Welfare Fund Benefits, such as dental, optical, and $500 newborn baby benefit, please contact Alicare at (866) 647-4617; once you connect to that number, please press option 1. Alternatively, please fill out and submit (by mail c/o Alicare at the White Plains address listed on the forms) the annexed Alicare “CSBA Security Benefits Fund Enrollment Form” together with the “Acknowledgement” form (and then call to confirm receipt).

CSBA-Amalgamated Benefits Enrollment Form

Acknowledgment Letter

Alicare Welcome Letter 2018

You must enroll with both of the above Welfare Funds!

Also on our website is a Membership Application. Under NYS law, the union is only required to represent members in good standing at disciplinary hearings and investigations. Please join us! In addition, discounts for union members are available via and Union Plus.

Contact Information
Saul Fishman, Esq., President
Lee Gordon, Business Agent & Grievance Advocate
Aldona Vaiciunas, CSBA Office Manager & Grievance Coordinator                                                 Kathleen Duffy, Receptionist & Secretary

Civil Service Bar Association                                Main Number: 212-675-0519
216 West 14th Street, 7th Floor                            Facsimile:  212-675-0417
New York, New York 10011                                    Website:
Inquiries:                       Facebook:  CSBA Attorneys

CSBA: Proudly Representing NYC Government Attorneys since 1967