The Civil Service Bar Association and our Welfare Fund Trustees are proud to provide substantial “welfare fund” benefits, which are designed to help our members fill in some of the gaps missing from our city health insurance. As you can see from the annexed Your Plan At A Glance, some of these benefits apply to all of our members and/or their covered dependents, and others can only be extended to full time members.


  • CSBA Members’ prescription drug coverage is provided through the Teamsters Local 237 Welfare Fund and Aetna. Please call Local 237’s Welfare Fund at (212) 924-7220 for all prescription-related issues. As mandated by the Affordable Care Act, there is no longer a $10,000 per year per family limit on prescription drug coverage.
  • For all benefits other than prescription drug coverage (i.e. – dental, optical, hearing aid, short-term & long-term disability insurance, new-born baby benefit), please contact Amalgamated Employee Benefits Administrators (formerly known as Alicare) at (866) 647-4617.

What are the benefits?

As more fully described in the annexed summary:

  • Full-Time members are eligible for numerous significant benefits, as covered by our Prescription Drug Plan and Dental Program, Newborn Benefit, Optical and Hearing Aid Benefits, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Coverage and Life Insurance.
  • Some of these benefits are available to covered dependents of Full-Time members.
  • Some benefits are available to our Part-Time as well as Full-Time Members.

Please see the annexed Summary Plan Description. For more information on these benefits, kindly call Amalgamated Employee Benefits (our Welfare Fund Administrator) at (866) 647-4617. Kindly note that benefits are subject to periodic modification, as deemed necessary by the Fund’s Trustees. 

Who determines what benefits we get?

CSBA’s Welfare Fund, occasionally referred to as the Security Benefit Trust Fund, is overseen by four elected Trustees, two of whom are elected each year, plus the CSBA President. In addition, our First Vice President and our Treasurer serve as non-voting Trustees. The Welfare Fund Trustees act as fiduciaries, and meet quarterly to establish policies, guidelines, etc to spend the very limited funds as wisely and equitably as possible for our members.

How are these benefits funded?

Contrary to popular belief, our benefits are NOT funded through our dues. Rather, they stem from our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Under that agreement, the City contributes approximately $2,180 per year for a Full-Time Member, and a significantly smaller amount for a Part-Time Member.