Dear CSBA Member,

Below please find CSBA Security Benefit Fund (Welfare Fund) forms for use exclusively by CSBA members in good standing. They are posted here for your convenience. Should you have any question with regard to their appropriate use or coverage conditions and limitations, please call Alicare at 1-866-647-4617.

· CSBA Enrollment Form Instructions for Local 237 WF

· CSBA Enrollment Form for Local 237 WF

· CSBA-Amalgamated Benefits Enrollment Form

· Acknowledgment Letter

· Alicare Welcome Letter 2021

· CSBA Security Benefits Fund Master Claim Form

· ASO-SIDS Plan Description and Fee Schedule

· Dental Form – ASO-SIDS

· Unum Claim Form for Income Protection Benefits

· CSBA Group Long Term Disability policy booklet

· CSBA Group Short Term Disability policy booklet