As the miserable, pandemic-dominated year that 2020 was is approaching its end (and not a moment too soon), I am looking forward to a better year ahead, especially for CSBA members and our families, and also for middle class and working class families now that we will finally have a more labor-friendly administration in Washington. Until COVID 19 is just a bad memory, which may be on the near horizon with the announcement of at least three vaccines believed to be over 90% effective, we will continue our fight to be afforded the opportunity to work as safely as possible. The vast
majority of us can effectively perform our work remotely, and we will do everything in our power to amplify that message.

I am optimistic that we can avert the layoff of any CSBA member due to the City’s fiscal crisis, although this will probably not be an easy negotiation. And speaking of negotiations, our contract expires in April. Whereas this is not by any means an ideal time to be negotiating a new agreement, I
nonetheless see opportunities for improvements. The same crisis which hurt the economy also proved that work can be performed from home, and hence we will be seeking the ability to telecommute, where it makes sense, on an ongoing basis. And since traditional commuting to work will be
needed less frequently, we will seek to finally end residency requirements for all members of our bargaining unit.

As always, your ideas are welcome. Kindly keep us informed about what is happening in your shop. The best way to do that is by email:
Thanks as always. Stay safe and well!
Best regards,
Saul Fishman
CSBA President