On Wednesday September 27th, our members overwhelmingly ratified the terms of the CSBA 2021-2026 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the City of New York. The election was overseen by the American Arbitration Association, which certified the results, with more than 99% of those who cast a ballot voting in the affirmative. Thank you to the CSBA collective bargaining committee and to all who voted!

As soon as we receive information on payment dates and the rollout of the Remote Work pilot program for our titles, we will gladly pass it along. Needless to say, nothing is easy or quick with the City or with most agencies, but we will definitely be advocating for as rapid and equitable implementation as possible.

P.S.- Sometimes members hear or read about how their unit or agency plans to proceed before we do. Always feel free to contact us with such information or concerns via csbainfo@local237.org. Thanks again.