We have now received the fully-executed Memorandum of Agreement memorializing the terms of the proposed new 2021-2026 collective bargaining agreement. Its ratification is up to you, as CSBA members in good standing. Ballots will be mailed to you by the American Arbitration on or shortly after August 29, and must be received no later than 9am September 27, the day that they will tally the ballots and certify the results. Please follow their instructions carefully!

A special online informational members-only meeting will be held on Wednesday September 6 at 6PM to discuss the proposed agreement, which our Board of Directors overwhelmingly recommends for approval. Please reach out to us at csbainfo@local237.org for log-in information. Again, this is a member-only event, as only members will be able to vote on the ratification of this contract. Please be on the lookout for a separate mailing from us at CSBA containing explanatory materials including the Memorandum of Agreement. This mailing should arrive ahead of the ballots from the American Arbitration Association. Thank you for your patience and support throughout this process.